Demystifying spirituality with The 7 Pathways

How I got my questions answered today 

What I love about Keith

How The 7 Pathways impacted my relationship

Recognising my journey

Why do another day course like The 7 Pathways? 

Using The 7 Pathways in my life today

What do you respect about Keith?

I thought I was aware of myself – until I did The 7 Pathways one day workshop 

What I found out with The 7 Pathways

Changes I am going to make after The 7 pathways

Why I highly recommend The 7 Pathways to others

How The 7 Pathways work in my family – and can help teachers

Why I love The 7 Pathways

What do you think of Keith?

Make huge shifts with The 7 Pathways

How I used the 7 Pathways to understand my relationships

How change occurred for me with The 7 Pathways


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