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We all know intrinsically that seasons and cycles are part of this physical world, and we come into this world to walk through the seasons and the cycles of life. From the moment we arrive, each of us carries Seven Pathways, and different ways of seeing the world. Our job is to journey through life picking the best Pathway, while moving through them all, so that we can bring all of ourselves to any situation. This journey of understanding of how to use our Pathways breaks apart our prejudices, and enables celebration of diversity. We see that we all have an individual flavour, a primary pathway, a particular lens. We see that everyone else has their own primary Pathway, that impacts how they see the world – the same world – just from a totally different position, from a different set of values and behaviours. Until we grow we see the world only from those perspectives. The 7 Pathways for transformation is the transformational process – it is the ability to travel up and down our own Seven Pathways, and to be flexible, fluid, curious and engaged. The 7 Pathways Roadmap is a powerful tool that maps when the energies, values and attributes of each pathway are exceptionally strong, when they are in natural flow with us, or when we’re outside our flow. Our ability to shift and work with this Roadmap creates ease, and puts us in flow with reality, in flow with the seasons and the cycles of our human existence. This means that we are here to love, celebrate, and honour our primary pathway, and not allow it to dominate or control our perceptions of reality. We are not our primary pathway, it is our default. We must bring all the other colours of the rainbow into our life by choice, will, and response, rather than anchor ourselves into one particular expression. Understanding our roadmap gives us an ability to see when the universal energies, humanity’s collective energies, our matrix, and our Roadmap are encouraging us to put more focus on a particular Pathway. It’s telling us “Hey, this year we want you to reference more from this paradigm, rather than your default pathway, because that will bring you the best flow in the natural order of things.”The Seven Pathways enable transformation by getting us aligned and interactive with our Roadmap, so we live in alignment, with consciousness in physical reality. This is our purpose. As we do this we celebrate diversity, differences, and the love that runs through the thread of everything. We find ourselves nodding our heads in acceptance of someone who is on a different pathway to us, and realise that maybe we don’t connect at this time, or maybe we could connect in a different way. It’s not right or wrong. This is the joy that happens when we understand that we have a Pathway, and they have a Pathway and a Roadmap. By understanding our Pathway, we understand their pathway. By understanding our Roadmap, we can understand their Roadmap. We can accept and work with the differences!

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About Us

Keith J Mason & Josephine Morey

Creators of The 7 Pathways for Transformation  

We offer personal coaching and mentoring  sessions, workshops and more. 

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Keith and Josephine


Wellington Region, New Zealand

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